Release notes

May 19, 2021

v2.1 Beta

What's new

Interaction States
You can now set styles on various element states, such as hover, active or focus!​​
imageImproved Button elements
Add icons or images inside buttons, texts or any combination of these elements.​​
Revamped Media Query (MQ) UI
Added an always-visible bottom notification which highlights what MQ the stage is at.
Streamlined the Inspector experience when working with Media Queries: styles inherited from a higher MQ are now displayed as a value instead of a placeholder.​​
Better project navigation
Moved the Editor size selector to the top-right of the Editor. In its place is a Navbar, which you can use to better manage page and component navigation.​​
imageNew way of creating projects
You can start from scratch or select a custom-made project template and build your website from there.
made-with-teleportBuilt in TeleportHQ