Release notes

January 30, 2023



3 New project templates

We hope you will find three new templates helpful and inspiring when creating new websites. Each of them have completely different aesthetics, and one of them has also been designed with a flashy video background in the header.
Interactive navbar presentation
Scroll To links from components

You can now create Scroll To type links inside components that scroll to elements in pages where the component is used.
Interactive navbar presentation
Dedicated widgets folder

Widgets have been moved out of the Layers and Files and into their own sidebar tab. Using this solution, you can highlight that they are dev-mode components, unlike regular pages and components. It is also an update in anticipation of the new assets UI, which will help organize everything much more tidily.
Media query guidelines presentation
Media query lines improvements

It is now possible to hover over a media query line, click on it to be taken to that screen size, see the current screen size on the right sideline, and the size label of the media query will always be visible regardless of the scroll.
Code embed presentation

Improvements & Fixes

  • UI updates and improvements to the Interactive Elements and Code Embed element preview
  • Reorganized preview and publish buttons in the top bar

What's coming next

  • A complete redesign and expansion of the assets sidebar (which will include support for a bunch of new file types, including fonts, js/css, sitemaps, and more)
  • CMS integrations - new nodes, new renderer, new UIs.. a lot is moving on this side. These changes will massively increase the power of our Designer mode. We will expand further upon this as things progress on our side
  • Cross-project copying of any element. This will enable you to make exporting/importing of anything (classes/tokens and such) between projects
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