Release notes

August 26, 2020

v1.12 Beta

What's new

Multiselect - From now on, you can select multiple elements to group them, edit their styles or change their position inside the stage.

How to change themes in Playground

Google Fonts - You can choose your favorite Google font from our new fonts library to give your project more personality.

How to add Google Fonts in Playground

Autocomplete - The familiar autocomplete for CSS properties is now in our new Dev Inspector. We’ll soon release an update to cover all the functionalities you usually work with in Dev Tools.

Autocomplete feature in the Playground Dev Inspector


Clicking outside the canvas will automatically select the root element.

The open source code generators  now support theming and custom selectors, so the code you'll get will be cleaner and easier to use.

Bug fixes

Z-Index value of over 100 puts the element over selection overlay.

Expanded box property value overwritten by collapsed value.

Undo bug when changing image src.

White background color when loading dashboard page.

User remains in project after leaving the collaborators list.

Enter key should exit the edit mode when renaming a theme.

WEBP type files were not displayed in project settings.

Scrollbar in Uploads tab is missing in Firefox.

Error if project name is changed after slug.

Element remains underlined in stage after pointed component is deleted.

Improve error handling: max number of projects.

Cannot delete default themes.

Cannot select text on page settings.

Fill property for icons doesn't update in Inspector when switching between two icons.

Copied structure lost when removing a node from stage.

 User can create projects past the limit by cloning.

User is stuck on load page when accessing an unauthorized URL.

Clicking on links in previewer works for internal routes.

Background image button doesn't open the Unsplash tab.

Drag and drop at the bottom of the Tree View creates additional scrollbar.

Input fields in inspector cannot be deteled after Media Query is applied.

Size bug when importing container from Wireframe Editor.

Button comes with default values, but not consistent in the Inspector.

LetterSpacing doesn't work from the inspector.

Smaller components are not visible in stage when scrolling down.

Font weight remains displayed when the font doesn't have that weight value.

Two undo actions are required to remove a text element.

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