Free static websites templates

Build responsive static websites within minutes with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Our static website templates are free, fast and responsive. Click on any design template and start editing without signing up.Explore the templates
free static website templates

Ready-made static website design templates

Browse through our collection of free HTML and CSS website templates. All our designs are created by professionals and you get access to the source code as well. Static web page design has never been more simple.

Traveler Tourism design

You can easily customize this template to create a homepage for a travel app. The design is simple and clean, with a header that shows a large image background and a unique trip search bar. It also includes sections for popular destinations, staff,  testimonials, highlights, FAQs, and more.Start with this template

Character NFT website

Start from this template if you want to create a website for an NFT. It has a dark-toned design with yellow and purple accents. The design features clean sections to show the NFTs, to explain the process behind NFTs, a project roadmap section, an FAQ and a very bold CTA near the bottom of the page.Start with this template

Medica Health industry template

We designed this template for businesses in the medical industry. It uses a white and blue color palette, with many sections detailing different covered practices, video presentations, an area to present the staff, news, glossary, diagnosis, appointment booking section, and calls to action.Start with this template

Togthr High Tech Design

An eye catching design, perfect for companies in the IT sector, gadget companies or AI. It features a video background in the header guaranteed to draw attention, a special typeface as an accent as well as all of the sections you would need to present your product to the world.Start with this template

OnConf Events Template

Built with online events, conferences, seminars and conventions in mind, the OnConf template is a clean design with sharp sections, rounded CTA's and striking accents. It features all of the sections you would need, including speakers, sponsors, pricing or video preview.Start with this template

Helpa Organization Template

This design is ideal for charities, organizations and causes. It has a clean and simple design and color palette and plenty of space for using images. The template has built in sections for info, steps for donation, effort progression, testimonials, FAQ and more.Start with this template

Remarkable Services template

Remarkable is a crisp template that can be a good choice for consulting companies that need a modern website. Its clean design allows you to display a lot of information to describe your company’s services, partner companies, testimonials and newsletter subscription form.Start with this template

HOLA Design studio

A clean template with both white and black backgrounds and bold accent colors. Try out this New design template packed with images to represent your business visually, making it the perfect choice for a design studio website, or showcase your photography portfolio.Start with this template

SPYRL Design agency template

A clean design, perfect for a website that represents the face of a design agency. The template contains a full screen video presentation, multiple study cases which can perfectly showcase your different projects, components for testimonials, or areas for statistics and much more.Start with this template

Planical modern template

Dark mode websites stand out and this cool template can help your app stand out as well. It has a lot of really nice sections that you can easily customize, including: call to action containers, accordion FAQ widgets and monthly/yearly pricing.Start with this template

Finbest finance app template

This is a great template to use for any mobile app. It features several interesting sections, including one for video presentation, app statistics, accordion widget for detailed features, a cool testimonial slider and a pricing section for your app.Start with this template

Active online software page

If you’re looking to build an online product or software as a service, this template is a great fit. The layout is designed to showcase your UI, features, testimonials, stats and more. Use this template and start your first project.Start with this template

Mobillio online store template

The Mobillio template is designed to display your online store furniture, but with a few easy tweaks. It can easily be configured as a presentation store for any type of product. Start here and customize it for your business.Start with this template

Creative agency page

If you're working on an artsy and creative project and you need a powerful visual impact, then this template is a perfect choice. Start a new project with this template, customize it with your visuals, and apply your personal touch.
Start with this template

Up start template

Start your next project with this responsive template to create a brand new website for an app, digital software, or SAAS. Use the prebuilt sections in any way you want, change the images, and you're ready to publish.
Start with this template

Mobile app landing page

Find your inspiration with this template and jumpstart your first mobile app landing page. Add the necessary information to describe and show all the main features and benefits of your app.
Start with this template

Marketing event conference

Start from this fully functional template to present your marketing event. It has the right structure and beautiful design elements. You only need to add your content and replace the necessary images to make it ready for the world.
Start with this template

Agency responsive template

Use this complete template for your digital/start-up agency and start filling in the content that best describes your activity. Customize the style and add images to make it your own.
Start with this template

Application template

Start from this plug and play template for your mobile application. Simply add and replace the visuals to represent your mobile app and use a variety of sections that can best showcase features, testimonials, product presentations and many other important components of a static website. Start with this template

Travel website template

Start with a prebuilt page structure for the story you want to tell on your travelling website. Use this modular design for your agency website or even your personal blog. Customize this pre-made layout with your own pictures and give it the style and personality you want.Start with this template

Business Website Template

A clean and modern design to make your business stand out from the crowd. Make a compelling presentation of your services by using this multipurpose template. This template theme has a professional design that, combined with the right words can get customers interest.Start with this template

Landing Page Template

Start with a simple blueprint or wireframe and focus on building the structure and layout for your static website. Leave the creative part and design details for later and iterate on the structure until you're pleased with the result.Start with this template

Wireframe template

Design high converting static websites and landing pages with this pre-build easy to use template. You only need to replace images and text, play with the layout and change the order of the sections. Use this landing page template to present your business idea. Start with this template

CSS and HTML website templates

The only platform that offers HTML website templates with source code ready to be exported. With a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS you can customize any existing website template and use them for FREE. Using TeleportHQ for static web page design gives you instant access to the source code, including HTML & CSS of any project.
CSS and HTML source code

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Why should I build my website using TeleportHQ’s static website templates?

With a basic CSS and HTML understanding you can simply drag and drop elements to build your pages. Start from our collections of static templates and choose what best suits you: portfolio page, agency, business / app presentation, etc. Our builder allows you to view the source code and export your projects in clean CSS and HTML or any JS framework.
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Built for speed

We know speed plays a big role when it comes to your website rankings, that’s why all our static website templates are optimized as much as possible.
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Low code editor

Customize any static website template using our powerful low code editor. Add or remove pages, blocks and other design elements without writing a single line of code.
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Proper coding

We make sure that the output of our static web page html code is as clean as possible. Our website themes come with optimized JS, CSS and HTML code structure.
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In-built SEO features

Static websites and good SEO give you the best chance to rank in google. Create SEO-friendly out-of-the-box websites, managing all your basic SEO needs from our platform.
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Mobile friendly

All our static page templates are responsive, fast loading with a clean code output. Use mobile friendly static website themes to get ahead of your competition.
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Code export

TeleportHQ is one of the few visual HTML/CSS editors that allows code export. Create static web pages based on our templates and export your HTML code.

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