Release notes

March 31, 2021

v2.0 Beta

Welcome to the new Playground!

Over the past few months, we have listened to your feedback and reshuffled our roadmap to improve the Playground's overall visual building experience. This major release contains five significant features and many minor improvements that we hope will make you enjoy using the Playground.Real-time collaboration
Invite your colleagues to your project and get straight to work!
You will see when they are online and what elements they are working on. For some operations like resizing or positioning an element, that element will be locked so nobody else can edit it.
Design tokens
Define text styles, color, and layout variables, then use them throughout your project for a consistent look. Manage your tokens from the Design system panel and use them in the Visual inspector panel.
Visual inspector
Get a better overview of your element's styles and easily set values from your design system in the new version of the Visual inspector. Discover the smart new inputs for spacing and positioning that will increase your productivity. If you want to use some fancy new CSS property, then the Advanced inspector is your friend.
Automatically created props
Overwrite texts, links, and image sources for any component out of the box and manage them from the brand new Props panel. You can link and unlink props from the component button that you will find next to inputs that support props.

Positioning with drag and drop
A new experience for positioning elements awaits you.
You will easily place nodes inside or next to other nodes with drag and drop, and we'll take care of the CSS magic, so you don't have to.
We are also introducing freestyle positioning so you can quickly make prototypes.

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