Release notes

August 17, 2021

v2.2 Beta

What's new

Designed Sections
Get a head start on building your project by using responsive, ready-to-use, customizable sections.Find them in the Elements panel and simply drag&drop them in your pages or components.
imageComponent Style Overrides
Edit style properties like size, position, margin and background for the root node of a component instance right where it is used.
imageCommand Palette
Use Teleport like a pro! Hit Ctrl/Cmd + P to access the command palette and execute commands like adding pages, components, or deploying your project.


Improved drop zones for drag and dropping elements.
Duplicating elements with props will duplicate the props as well.
Additional spacing tokens and new size tokens values.
Unit inputs support new units like vw and ch

Bug Fixes

Fixed saving mechanism when the connection is lost.
Fixed duplication of component instances on redo
Fixed deploy issue on link elements.
Fixed saving Webkit properties in dev inspector
made-with-teleportBuilt in TeleportHQ