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What's included:

3 Projects

Total number of projects in your workspace, including private projects, public projects or files created by other invited collaborators.

Unlimited collaborators

Total number of projects in your workspace, including private projects, public projects or files created by other invited collaborators.

Real-time collaboration

Free ready-made templates

Free code export

Community support

Basic hosting:

Hosting under

10 MB of assets / project

Limited bandwith

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For teams and individuals that need to collaborate around complex projects hosted on custom domains.
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All features in Free, plus:

Unlimited projects

Unlimited view-only collaborators

Shared components library(coming soon)

Upload videos

Private projects

Dedicated customer support

Professional hosting:

Includes publishing on 3 custom domains

1 GB of assets / project

200GB bandwidth / month

Integration with Vercel

Empowering the best front-end teams

All plans include

Free subdomain hostingHost your project for free on a subdomain on TeleportHQ. You can always choose to move your projects to custom domains.
Responsive templatesAccess to a library of responsive static website templates, eCommerce storefronts, individual page components ready to be used.
Smart Media QueriesSmart Media Queries simplifies the process of adapting your site or app depending on a device's general type or specific characteristics and parameters.
Google FontsTeleportHQ gives you access to a wide selection of Google Web Fonts. The fonts can be used without having to install anything.\n
Global styleguideOrganize, update and manage your design system colors, components, fonts and more, ensuring your designs are brand-consistent.
Figma ImportImport your prototypes into teleportHQ within minutes. Get developer-friendly HTML and CSS code, or directly into React, Vue, Next, Angular, and more.
Interactions and statesVisual indicators are used to establish the status of a component or interactive element. Add styles to elements based on their state.
Use custom fontsImport your preferred fonts and use them in your projects. Your fonts will be saved in your library and ready to use on any project.
Code exportExport your work and get production-ready code in 9 different JS frameworks, bringing your projects into your own ecosystem.

All plans include

Enterprise PlanBest for large projects and teams with custom development needs.Contact us
All Professional features, plus:

Unlimited domains

Full white-label integration

Custom SLA

Single Sign-On

Advanced permissions

Custom integrations

Dedicated account manager

Custom development requests

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an editor and a viewer?
An Editor is an invited account with editing role and counts as a billable collaborator.
A Viewer is an invited account with no editing role and it doesn’t count as a billable collaborator
Who counts as a billable collaborator?
Based on his rights, a collaborator can be either free or billable. If a collaborator has editing rights or is an owner, it’s billable. If the collaborator is a viewer, with view-only rights, it won’t be billed. This only applies for the Professional Plan. All collaborators are free on the Free Plan.
Can invited collaborators see all the projects in my workspace?
Collaborators can be invited to any individual project with restricted access, while team members can be invited on the team level and have access to all the team’s projects.
Why have project collaborators instead of workspace collaborators?
Note that when collaborators are workspace collaborators, they will access all projects within the workspace and view the contents of all project pages.

To prevent collaborators to access sensitive or confidential information, it’s a good idea to invite collaborators to individual projects only. For example, say you had two “people teams” within your workspace, a marketing team, and a developers team. While it would be a good idea to have two different projects designated for each team, it might not be best to have each team be able to view each other’s projects. This is where you would set your collaborators to project collaborators and not workspace collaborators.

Another good case would be if you are a legacy user of Teleport, each of your migrated projects might have specific collaborators you don’t want to share all of the workspace contents.
Can I have multiple workspaces with a Professional Plan?
Yes, you can create multiple workspaces with a Professional Plan.
Where can I find all my collaborators?
To find a full list of collaborators on your workspace, please access the workspace settings page. This list will include both project collaborators and workspace collaborators.

If you would like to change the permission level of a workspace collaborator, click on the “Workspace collaborators” Tab.

If you would like to change the permission level of a project collaborator, click on the “Project collaborators” Tab.
What happens if I change the number of billable collaborators on a workspace?
If you add a billable collaborator to a workspace on a monthly plan, you will be charged with for an extra seat with the amount for the remaining period until the anniversary date.

If you remove a billable collaborator from a workspace on a monthly plan, you will receive a credit amount for the remaining period until the anniversary date.

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