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Discover TeleportHQ's simple yet powerful drag-and-drop ecosystem that gives frontend teams the tools and technology they need for building great websites. With our react static site generator, you'll get from idea to deployment in no time.Build React website
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Work faster using inspiring templates

When working in TeleportHQ, you can choose to start from blank or with one of our pre-made professional templates.With the available deep customization and drag-and-drop feature, our react static site generator helps you personalize your website and align it with your vision.Browse the library

Bring teams to work in sync, in real-time

Empower teams to work synchronically on the same project. TeleportHQ allows up to ten members to join and work together.Top this with our react static generator, and you can work faster than ever.Start working together
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Convert your designs from Figma to React

TeleportHQ is more than just a react static website generator. If you’re working with a designer you can export your Figma designs to React using our free Figma plugin.Export developer-friendly code in just a few clicks after installing our figma to react plugin. Improve your designer to developer handoff process by exporting clean react code faster than ever.Discover Figma to React Plugin

Ensure your website’s response speed

Building a static website with react ensures simplicity and speed in rendering the pages.It can be used together with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS in MVC. Enter TeleportHQ and build your react js static website using all the features and tools available for a smooth process.
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A multi-purpose static website generator

Create your own websites, web or mobile applications using the best free low-code development platform.

Modular design

Build with react a static site that favors the concept of modular design. This means that a static react website has each page divided into components that have their independent layouts, which you can build as if they're assembled blocks.

Autonomous components

A react static page allows you to create reusable UI components. Work smarter by building components libraries to reuse across multiple projects. With TeleportHQ, optimization is at the core of doing things.

Increased website security

Using react for static websites guarantees you more safety against malicious requests, DDOS attacks, or other types of exposure that may harm your site. So, by using our react site generator, you can rest assured your website is secure.

What can you build with TeleportHQ low-code development platform?

TeleportHQ allows you to quickly jump from design prototype to deployment-ready code for any project. Create static websites, web or mobile apps and export your code to any desired development framework.
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