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Release notes


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June 12, 2020

v1.10 Beta

🎉 What's new

• Added contextual actions on stage elements to allow changing the tag type or to add links to the elements.

How to change themes in Playground

• Themes - We also added support for custom themes.

🤘 Improvements

• Added a simplified view starting a blank project.

• Updated default size and behaviour for containers.

• Reduced the number of elements, now having a simplified view.

• Drag and drop refactoring and update.

• A lot of small Inspector improvements and tweaks.

• Copy/Paste element to itself should not be allowed.

• Added a notification for "Maximum number of assets reached".

• Improve the stage calculations / zoomable container.

• Take overlay out for image if size is less than 60x60px.

• Update no results message for Components & Pages.

• Clearing an image brings back the default placeholder.

🐛 Bug fixes

• Background color on text/link.

• MQ undo bug when changing size in stage.

• Maximum assets error crashes app when uploading more icons in Project Settings.

• Selected sidebar tab doesn't persist after refresh.

• List of pages is reversed at cloning project in Firefox.

• Cannot use 'back' to go to dashboard after changing subdomain in project settings.

• SVG duplication causes reference leak.

• Create override persists extra fields.

• Link options open under the inspector.

• Links persist in playground after refresh if page is not refreshed.

• Selection overlay for texts.

• Error when copy pasting a subhierarchy containing an image.

• When deleting a container with an asset the asset's usedInNodes is not updated.

• When resizing container background image dissapears.

• Style nodes are not added to component instances.

• All images disappear from assets after a while or after browsing through pages and then appear at refresh.

• Error when setting backgroundImage on a node.

• Selection overlay is misplaced when reseting zoom level.

• Fix z-index for tooltips.

• Drag and drop nodes over the tree-view crashes.

• Link back to project broken after slug change.

• Asset contextual menu on Mac misses padding right.

• Don't allow positioned elements to be extracted as components.

• Width and Height not the same in stage and after deploy.

• Error when dragging empty container in wireframe editor.

• Multiple redos on a container in MQ don't work as expected.

• Background image in container is not deleted at undo.

• Wireframe elements persist in another project.

• Adding an unsplash image by right-clicking in the asset manager does not go through image optimisation

• Can't publish project if there's a component instance in a page.

• Tutorial is displayed multiple times for new users

• User is thrown errors at adding custom themes.

• Projects with duplicated names can be created