Release notes

June 12, 2020

v1.10 Beta

What's new

Added contextual actions on stage elements to allow changing the tag type or to add links to the elements.

Themes - We also added support for custom themes.


Added a simplified view starting a blank project.

Updated default size and behaviour for containers.

Reduced the number of elements, now having a simplified view.

Drag and drop refactoring and update.

A lot of small Inspector improvements and tweaks.

Copy/Paste element to itself should not be allowed.

Added a notification for "Maximum number of assets reached".

Improve the stage calculations / zoomable container.

Take overlay out for image if size is less than 60x60px.

Update no results message for Components & Pages.

Clearing an image brings back the default placeholder.

Bug fixes

Background color on text/link.

MQ undo bug when changing size in stage.

Maximum assets error crashes app when uploading more icons in Project Settings.

Selected sidebar tab doesn't persist after refresh.

List of pages is reversed at cloning project in Firefox.

Cannot use 'back' to go to dashboard after changing subdomain in project settings.

SVG duplication causes reference leak.

Create override persists extra fields.

Link options open under the inspector.

Links persist in playground after refresh if page is not refreshed.

Selection overlay for texts.

Error when copy pasting a subhierarchy containing an image.

When deleting a container with an asset the asset's usedInNodes is not updated.

When resizing container background image dissapears.

Style nodes are not added to component instances.

All images disappear from assets after a while or after browsing through pages and then appear at refresh.

Error when setting backgroundImage on a node.

Selection overlay is misplaced when reseting zoom level.

Fix z-index for tooltips.

Drag and drop nodes over the tree-view crashes.

Link back to project broken after slug change.

Asset contextual menu on Mac misses padding right.

Don't allow positioned elements to be extracted as components.

Width and Height not the same in stage and after deploy.

Error when dragging empty container in wireframe editor.

Multiple redos on a container in MQ don't work as expected.

Background image in container is not deleted at undo.

Wireframe elements persist in another project.

Adding an unsplash image by right-clicking in the asset manager does not go through image optimisation

Can't publish project if there's a component instance in a page.

Tutorial is displayed multiple times for new users

User is thrown errors at adding custom themes.

Projects with duplicated names can be created

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