Release notes

July 20, 2020

v1.11 Beta


HTML attributes moved from the inspector to the contextual actions of the elements.

Added contextual menu for assets and updated the way users interract with them.

Updated the text editing experience.

Updated tree view states and interaction.

Extended the keyboard interaction functionality for easier navigation.

Show duplicate ID warning when two items have the same id inside a page.

Bug fixes

Page can be renamed to blank space from page settings.

Error on duplicating a page with a social image uploaded in page settings.

Change cursor style to grab inside the stage for Space + Click.

Media query lines off by 1px on the left side.

[Code-Generators] Discrepancy between stage and deploy/export website version.

Cannot read property 'id' of null at generateComponentContent.

The user cannot scroll through the collaborators list.

Don't allow zoom outside the stage area.

Low fps when scrolling in the dashboard.

Page settings social image is not visible after refresh.

Clone project fails if the project name is near the length limit.

Section link persists in playground after pointed element is deleted.

JPG file is not displayed in accepted files when uploading in the Wireframe Editor.

Video file formats are not uploaded in playground.

Resize handlers do not appear when they should.

After theme rename + enter key name doesn't update.

Can't access project settings page for a project from dashboard.

Adding a child element triggers too many server events.

Image override doesn't work if the overrode image is an uploaded asset.

Component override creation crashes when text contains quotes.

Enable 'Clone' button for project at enter key.

Small fixes for Social Image restrictions.

Creating override for text element enters editing mode.

Expanded box property value overwritten by collapsed value.

Flex order property not working.

Renaming a component causes application crash.

Duplicating a page creates a page with a non-unique slug.

Changing a page slug in page settings is not saving unless starting with "/".

Collapsed VideoAsset Accordion has overflow on Windows.

Drop shadow not visible on tooltip anchor.

Asset Manager Unsplash & Icons search is not working.

Creating overrides for simple text/image components bugs.

Open Unsplash when double clicking on an image in stage.

Arrows button for background image toggles the sidebar menu.

Navigating through siblings in tree view doesn't update the scroll position.

Cannot select another element after overriding a text element.

On Firefox there is a double scrollbar in themes section.

Social image doesn't persist after refresh.

Add link capability on button elements.

Link theme is overriding element style in preview page.

Asset duplication when publishing in production.

Margin on component root affects the stage overlays.

Nodes with assets issue when duplicating project.

Contextual actions menu is hidden behind inspector.

Component name label is missing when selecting it.

Pressing "ESC" key hides all root child nodes.

When deleting all components, the last selected component still reflects in stage.

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