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Use our fast, simple, and powerful Angular static site generator, and build a surefire website, app, or web app.

With TeleportHQ’s drag-and-drop ecosystem, every frontend team will have all the tools and features they need to build their idea and export to an Angular framework.
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Build visually, export to an Angular framework

You don't have to write all the lines of code manually. Get a head start with TeleportHQ.
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Build your project

Create your project using the available elements, sections, and your own assets. Add text, choose matching fonts, change colors and make it compelling.
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Switch to Angular

By default, the generators are set to display our UIDL in React.js format, but you can change the code format at any time into many Javascript flavors, including Angular.
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Export code

When you finish designing your website, app, or web app, export the automatically generated code to CodeSandbox, GitHub, or your own computer.

Professional templates to get you inspired

You can choose to start from scratch and build everything by yourself or pick a customizable template already optimized to be mobile responsive.

With all the tools that allow you to edit your project to make it unique, your Angular static website will be quickly ready for deployment.
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Build a static website with Angular and many useful tools

With TeleportHQ, you can have everything you need in one place. Use the available tools and features and design an Angular static page meant to keep your visitors engaged.
Coding iconHave total design & coding freedomOur low-code platform is great for developers, but it works perfectly for those without any coding or design skills. Create using the drag-and-drop editor and preview your work to see how it looks and what needs changing.
Figma iconImprove designer to developer handoffIf you have Figma designs, you can bring them to our Angular static site generator using the Figma plugin. Customize the visuals and integrate them into your website or app, then export developer-friendly code in just a few clicks.
Browser iconBuild inside your browserYou can do all the work inside your browser without any previous setup. Change elements, text, and edit anything you wish without worrying that you may lose your work. All the adjustments are saved on the spot.

SEO-optimized Angular static website

A professional website needs to get noticed. This is why TeleportHQ is packed with the best technical SEO to help your Angular static website rank faster and higher on search engines. With built-in features like Gzip, minification & CDN for all resources, the only task left for you is to build your page.Try the Figma Plugin - It’s Free
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Static site to Angular custom domain

Custom domain and premium hosting

Once your work is done, you can pick the domain for your Angular static website by accessing the options inside the static website generator. Publish it using the free TeleportHQ website hosting or use your own custom domain. In this way, you demolish the limits of traffic and data storage.

Effective websites with a high response speed

With TeleportHQ and all its tools, features, and powerful capabilities, you can build your project compliant with user and brand needs in no time. Moreover, creating an Angular static website that you can use with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks guarantees the speed of rendering the pages.
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