Free low-code development platform

A free low-code platform to streamline your development process and increase your productivity. TeleportHQ offers low-code tools with a visual user interface, reusable components, Figma import plugin, and clean code export to HTML, CSS, and 5 different Javascript frameworks.Start for free
free low code development platform

Code instantly generated for your preferred development environment

Copy element layers from Figma to TeleportHQ and instantly generate code for React, Next, Vue, Nuxt, Angular, and plain HTML and CSS.Our Figma plugin offers a smooth transition from prototype or design to a clean code export.
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Export to NextExport to Next
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What is a low-code platform?

A low-code development platform offers a user-friendly visual interface with simplified logic. Usually, low-code and no-code development platforms offer drag-and-drop functionality, allowing developers of all skill levels to build anything from simple websites to a complex web or mobile app in a low code environment.Sign up free
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Real-time development collaboration

TeleportHQ is the only low code platform that allows real-time collaboration within your entire team.Developers can collaborate on the same piece of code and content makers can edit the content visually – all in real time.Sign up for free

Low-code development using all
the right features

Create your own websites, web or mobile applications using the best free low-code development platform.
imageVisual editorOur Low-code platform allows you to edit every element using a user-friendly visual editor. Create websites and web apps using a visual canvas with no code.
imageDrag and drop interfaceDevelop websites or complex applications using our low-code, drag-and-drop visual editor. Use ready-made elements and templates and build your components.
imageReusable componentsTeleportHQ is packed with built-in reusable components and offers you the possibility to save any of your work as templates to be used later on.
imageFigma importImport your designs directly from Figma. Install teleportHQ’s Design to Code plugin from Figma’s community and import any design into our low-code platform.
imageCode exportDevelop professional websites and apps with TeleportHQ. If you’re a developer, download the code and continue the development in your own environment.
imageOpen-source code generatorStay in control at all times. Our development platform is built based on an MIT open-source ecosystem. Build on top of our existing libraries or use your own.

Turn design into code
with minimum effort

A low-code tool that automatically generates code from any Figma design in just a few clicksTurn design into code without writing a single line of code using our Figma export plugin. The TeleportHQ design to code plugin offers a straightforward approach for exporting any designs to HTML, CSS, or 9 different Javascript frameworks.Get the plugin for free

Benefits of low-code development tools

Low-code development allows you to build, edit and test websites, or web apps using visual tools instead of spending countless hours of hard coding everything. Low-code development platforms enable developers of all skill levels to build apps in the shortest amount of time possible.

From prototype to production faster


Instant code generation


Supports modern Architectures


Low coding skills required


Out-of-the-box functionality


Drag-and-drop interface


Easy scalability

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Reusable components

Speed up your low-code development even more by using pre-configured components.\nThis allows your team to quickly reuse pre-built modules or entire applications with ease.Sign up for free

What can you build with TeleportHQ low-code development platform?

TeleportHQ allows you to quickly jump from design prototype to deployment-ready code for any project.\nCreate static websites, web or mobile apps and export your code to any desired development framework.
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