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With TeleportHQ, you can experience an effortless way to design your next website, landing page, or blog. Use our static site generator and discover the intuitive and fully customizable drag and drop environment. Work fast and finish your website in minutes.Build a website
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All in one static website generator

imageMobile responsiveStart creating on a platform that is not only based on a straightforward process but also makes your pages instantly mobile responsive. With our online static site generator, you can ensure your website will look professional on every device.
imageFree hosting domainOnce you build and design your future website, you can choose to host it for free on the teleportHQ domain or bring your own. Launch your website to production with one click on your own Vercel account.
imageTech and non-tech friendlyA static site generator made for the tech-savvy that want to continue writing code outside our platform. If you’re a designer, marketer, or any other type of stakeholder, our static HTML site generator will write the code for you.
imageFigma plugin integrationTeleportHQ is a static website generator with a twist. You can export your Figma designs to our platform and generate code to HTML and CSS, or directly into React, Next, Vue, Nuxt or Angular.
imageCode exportDevelop professional websites and apps with TeleportHQ. If you’re a web developer, download the code and continue the development in your own environment. Export for free production ready code in 5 different JS frameworks.
imageExcellent technical SEOAn eye-catching website deserves to be seen by your target audience. With our online static website generator and its built-in features like Gzip, minification & CDN, you’re creating a high-performing site, easy to rank on search engines.

Templates & elements to get you inspired

Start from blank or with one of our pre-made templates. No matter how you choose to begin your creation process, our online static website generator offers you complete freedom of customization. You can also add or delete sections and elements until you feel your website pages are ready.Browse the library
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Build websites on a collaborative platform

Whether you need our platform as a static landing page generator or an entire website creator, you can collaborate with your team members or other stakeholders at all times so that everyone will be on board with all the changes. If you need to communicate with a client regarding your work, share a page or your entire project and get approval instantly.Work together

A multi-purpose static website generator

Create your own websites, web or mobile applications using the best free low-code development platform.
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Create a website

Easily create a website that highlights your products or services. Use one of the static site generator themes, then personalize it so that your visitors will associate it faster with your brand.
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Start a blog

Start a blog using our static blog generator. Give your content marketing or personal blog the push it needs to begin ranking in the search engines.
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Build a landing page

Use TeleportHQ as a static landing page generator and always showcase your products or services in an effective way.
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Create static pages or entire websites using TeleportHQ

Edit and style your website the way you want. Our low code design platform makes working with static website themes easy and accessible for people of all skill levels. In addition, TeleportHQ allows you to publish or export your page in HTML code, making it a friendly and flexible design platform.
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Deploy your static websites using Vercel

Deploy your websites instantly, and serve personalized content around the globe using Vercel. TeleportHQ allows you to push your website to production with a single click on your own Vercel account. Hosting a custom domain on Vercel offers increased end-user performance.

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Pick the best static template for you and customize it with our powerful editor by adding or removing pages, blocks and design elements.Sign up Freestatic site generator platform
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