Export your Figma designs to HTML using TeleportHQ Design to Code

Generate code from your designs by exporting from Figma to TeleportHQ. Convert your prototypes into developer-friendly HTML and CSS code, or directly into React, Vue, Next, Nuxt and Angular.Get the plugin. It's Free!

Code instantly generated for your preferred development environment

Copy element layers from Figma to TeleportHQ and instantly generate code for React, Next, Vue, Nuxt or Angular and plain HTML and CSS.Our Figma plugin offers a smooth transition from prototype or design to a clean code export.
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How to export Figma to HTML & CSS (Video tutorial)

Watch this short video tutorial on how to convert Figma design to HTML and CSS. Follow these easy steps and you will be ready to export a Figma design in no time.

Generate code in 5 different JavaScript frameworks including React, Angular or Vue using TeleportHQ.

TeleportHQ Design to Code Features

Our Figma export plugin offers a straightforward approach to converting Figma designs to HTML and CSS with the main focus on the designer-developer hand-off.

Instant code generation


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Export to CodeSandbox


Export to TeleportHQ from Figma


Deploy your project as a website to Vercel

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How to export your Figma design to HTML code?

In order to export your work from Figma you first need to install TeleportHQ Design to Code. Once you have the plugin installed you are ready to convert any Figma design to HTML by following 4 simple steps.


Launch the plugin

Launch the Figma export plugin by following this steps:Right click > Plugins > TeleportHQ Design to Code
step 2
Select your frameLaunch the Figma export plugin by following this steps:Right click > Plugins > TeleportHQ Design to Code
step 3
Export your designTo convert a Figma design to code, click on the button “Export to TeleportHQ” and a project will be created automatically in TeleportHQ with the output.If you’re updating existing projects, use the button "Copy Layers to Clipboard" to copy and then paste in your existing TeleportHQ project.

Export any Figma frames to HTML and CSS and validate your designs in minutes

TeleportHQ simplifies the designer-developers process by allowing you to quickly export HTML, CSS, or import figma to React, Vue or other developer-friendly supported code flavours.\nAutomatically convert your design into a production-ready code, for a faster developer handoff.
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