From Figma designs to responsive prototypes

With TeleportHQ, you can turn your Figma designs into responsive prototypes using our straightforward editor without any coding skills.

Discover our platform's responsive UI design tools and see how fast your idea can come to life.
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Responsive designs for high-fidelity websites and apps

Our platform works as a responsive mockup tool and gives you all the creative freedom you need to make flexible edits and turn your Figma designs into real, functional websites or mobile apps.
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Build responsive prototypes

Create your future website or app using all the available responsive prototyping tools.
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Validate ideas

Use the preview mode and see if everything will look the way you expected.
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Launch your project

Publish your website on a free TeleportHQ hosting domain or use your own.

All the responsive prototyping tools you need

Designing for multiple screen sizes is crucial for creating a great user experience. With our platform, you have a very simple process for designing just one responsive layout for all devices.
Github iconDesigns to interactive interfacesExport your Figma mockups to TeleportHQ and create responsive prototypes for mobile apps, web app components, or websites.
Sharing iconDrag and drop website builderSave time and budget by skipping the coding part. Build your website or app as you go by taking advantage of the intuitive editor.
Figma iconCustom breakpointsCreate Figma responsive breakpoints, components, texts, and flexbox layouts for responsive behavior across all devices.
Code iconReusable componentsWith our component management system, you can optimize your work by building reusable components which you apply across projects.
Script iconTeam collaborationEliminate friction and bottlenecks and invite your teammates to collaborate on the responsive prototypes to get your project done faster.
Java editor iconFigma to HTMLCreate your responsive prototypes and turn them into clean, reusable HTML or CSS code using our low-code platform.

Ready-made templates

If you choose to export only a few components from Figma, you can pick a template made by our designers and start creating responsive prototypes for your web app components or website.

You can make further edits to your work by adding videos, premium stock photos, and other elements you can find in our library—everything within the intuitive drag and drop editor.
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How to export your Figma design to TeleportHQ

Figma is the perfect solution for all your design needs, and now you can turn them into responsive layouts by exporting them to our platform. Here’s how easy you can do it:

Start the plugin

After you finish your design in Figma, launch the export plugin by doing these three simple steps: Right-click 🠆 Plugins 🠆 TTeleportHQ Design to Code

Select your frame

Next, you will choose which components you want to export to our platform.

Export your work

In this last step, you’ll export your Figma mockup to our platform, where a project will be automatically created with the output.
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Effortless automation

Save time and budget by skipping the coding part. Easily create your UI design with Figma, then turn it into a responsive prototype with TeleportHQ.

Focus only on the designing part and leave the technical aspect to us. If you're a developer, you can always export your project into a production-ready code and continue working in your environment of choice.
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From figma to responsive prototype automation

Creative freedom supported by a robust technical foundation

Designing for multiple screen sizes has never been easier. Our platform is here to help you
create responsive prototypes for web app development, mobile apps, or websites that look professional on every device.
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