Translate design to code in an automated way

TeleportHQ is a design-to-code tool that helps you build products faster and turn them into HTML.

With our platform, you don’t need to write code, but developers can create a fully functional website or app based on a Figma design, which they can export as clean code.
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From design to code in 3 steps

With TeleportHQ, you will find how to convert UI design to HTML easily and create powerful products
with your team.
Design to code import


Discover a seamless designer to developer handoff with TeleportHQ.
Design to code customize


Build and customize projects with the drag-and-drop editor.
Design to code export


Turn your work into HTML, CSS, and 5 different JS frameworks.

Remove the time from design to production

With TeleportHQ, designers and developers get an all-in-one design-to-code tool that gives them complete control to build UIs simultaneously.

Our platform edits code on the go, which means developers get clean code to work with, while designers have the freedom to customize the interfaces as they wish.
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From figma to responsive prototype templates

Design-to-code software with tools for a complete process

Take advantage of all the tools and features jam-packed into a drag-and-drop platform that works like a design to code converter, and create responsive prototypes straight in your browser.
Github iconComponentsCreate reusable components from pre-built UI elements from the platform, such as buttons, headings, information cards, or an entire screen. Reuse them across multiple projects and shorten the creative process.
Tokens iconTokens & text stylesGo for brand consistency across your app or website and choose a color scheme from the Color Tokens Panel. You can also set size tokens for your layout and a default text style that go hand in hand with your brand message.
Elements iconElementsFind all the assets you need to build your website or app’s structure in the Elements panel. Choose your layout, fonts, and add media or other boxes to help users explore and interact with your page.
Code iconCustom code scriptsAdd interactive elements such as mobile menus or carousels by embedding JavaScript code into the custom code tab from the Project Settings, or use TeleportHQ’s custom scripts from our open-source GitHub repository.
Responsive design iconResponsive designBuild a robust structure that is also UI responsive across all devices, from smartphones to large desktops. Go through each media query breakpoint and adjust elements to make the design responsive.
Preview buttonPreview and publishSee at any time the way your project looks with the Preview button. Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, choose to publish it on TeleportHQ’s domain or go for a custom configuration on your own Vercel account.

Connect the dots between teams

Build communication without friction across teams and keep everyone in the loop whether they’re working in an office or remotely. Deliver better outcomes faster with a design to CSS tool that makes the collaboration process easy.
Design to code for designers


Create responsive prototypes using Figma. With the Figma plugin, they can export their projects to TeleportHQ.
Design to code for developers


Speed up the process and build on existing designs to create functional apps or websites that can be exported to code.
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Product & marketing

Can take control over their future website by previewing, testing, and making all the necessary changes on the fly

Design-to-code in a flash

Use our platform to build and customize your project while clean code is generated in the background. With TeleportHQ, you can design a website and export HTML, whether you’re a developer or not. Designers can take care of the creative part, delivering their work to developers to easily turn them into responsive prototypes and clean code.
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