Release notes

May 23, 2023


Major feature

Assets Manager overhaul and Custom files support!
We are happy to bring you our new and improved Assets manager and Custom files support! This update includes three significant improvements.

UI Refactoring

With our new tree view structure, you can effortlessly create your desired folder hierarchy, organize your assets, and navigate through them using drag and drop, even after export. Expand and collapse folders as needed, and quickly preview images and videos on hover. You can also open a side panel for a zoomed-in view of a folder’s content.
Assets manager UI refactoring
Upload and edit custom files

Now you can upload text files like PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, and more into the assets manager and make them available for preview or download. You can also upload and edit particular files, such as robots.txt and sitemap.xml.
Upload and edit custom files
Private folder

Furthermore, a new feature, the Private folder, is available to upload text files into it for your project's build and background settings, like the next.config.js file or various other config files.
Private folder upload


3 New templates

Three new templates will spark your creativity while designing new websites. Each template boasts unique aesthetics and can help you describe your businesses in different fields. These last templates are for: the travel industry, healthcare, and NFT’s.
Interactive navbar presentation
Cross project component copy/paste

Elements and components can now be copied from one project to another, along with all the necessary dependencies, assets, and design language elements ( classes, color tokens, and text styles ). In addition, if there are conflicting design language elements, a modal will appear to solve these conflicts ( creating a new one, keeping the old one, or merging the two ).

For copy/pasting via the contextual menu, permission has to be accepted. The copy/paste via the hotkeys (CTRL/CMD + C/V) works as before.
Interactive navbar presentation
Dynamic panel props

We are introducing the Dynamic Panel, which simplifies customizing components using "props" and "states."

Props are reusable dynamic values, while states represent changing internal data. Effortlessly link props and states to text elements, image sources, and alt properties. Define a single prop for multiple elements or connect states for reactive updates.

Enhance flexibility and control in your component customization!
Media query guidelines presentation
JS Generators removed

We have removed the Gatsby, Preact, Stencil, and Gridsome frameworks from the TeleportHQ platform. As a result, users can no longer export projects or copy generated code in Gatsby, Preact, Stencil, or Gridsome frameworks.
Code embed presentation

Improvements & Fixes

  • Navbar smart element can now be turned into components
  • The Iframe element can now be selected in the canvas and previewed on demand
  • Various UI Improvements in the editor
  • Figma plugin copy/paste fixes

What's coming next

  • A lot of activity is happening on the CMS Integration front, with new nodes, a new renderer, and new user interfaces now in development. These changes will significantly enhance the capabilities of our Designer mode. We will provide more details as we make progress on our end.
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