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Release notes


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March 20, 2020

v1.6 Beta

🎉 What's new

• Project Settings - Social media meta tags, Google Analytics integration and custom code support.

• Page Settings - Set custom routes and add social meta tags.

• Demo Projects - Each new and existing account will get three demo projects that present the key features of the Playground.

• Playground Tutorials - We've made a series ofvideo tutorials on YouTube.You can quickly access them, next to the Intercom chat.

🤘 Improvements

• Improved user feedback when editing text.

• An important update was made to the stage area. The performance was improved, the interaction is smoother and the stage now has vertical scaling as you add elements.

🐛 Bug fixes

• Now publisher for teleportHQ deploys

• Notifications continued to appear when a user navigated from a page to another

• Some users received multiple welcome emails at sign up

• Components, pages and elements could be renamed with blank spaces

• Undo bug for uploaded asset

• Sign out didn't work properly in some edge cases

• An error message at adding elements in stage

• The wrong notification message when moving the stage

• A bug for resizing image in inline-block parent

• Elements were not added in stage after reopening the project

• The Playground's back-end would loop forever if an uploaded asset didn't have an extension in its name. Eg. upload_image

• Removed assets were still loading in the new project

• An image with an override couldn't be deleted

• The empty image "double click to edit image" text used to flicker when hovered over

• Undo didn't work properly when focusing out of editable text fields on the stage

• Wireframe/Highlight mode were kept toggled 'on' when another project was opened

• There was a height inconstancy in left sidebar

• The size of an image component wasn't accurate in local publish

• History bugs for renaming elements

• The selection overlay used to bug out when the position of the selected element changed

• When deleting an asset from assets manager, only the first use of it updated in the stage

• Hover overlay for elements was out of its overflow

• Firefox browser: UI issue due to asset manager scrollbar

• Image with no existing or empty 'src' attribute couldn't be deleted

• Undo and redo buttons were not disabled when opening the Playground

• Image selection overlay was bugging out when closing the Asset Manager