TeleportHQ + Strapi: Build Dynamic Websites With No Code

Integrate TeleportHQ with Strapi, a powerful headless CMS platform, and create dynamic websites without having to write any code. Use our drag and drop builder and data from Strapi to create complex high quality websites.

What IS teleporthq

Dynamic Website Design Platform and Visual Editor

TeleportHQ is a low-code website builder that empowers even users with no coding skills to create and publish beautiful websites.

With the TeleportHQ drag and drop editor you can easily build your layout and add elements such as text, images, videos and more.
Image of the TeleportHQ platfom with elements
Strapi CMS platform image
What is STRAPI

Fully Customizable Open Source Headless CMS

Strapi is a headless CMS platform that enables you to manage your content independently from your front-end.

This gives you the versatility to build your website with any preferred technology, all the while effortlessly managing your content in a centralized location.
How to USE

Dynamic website development with TeleportHQ and Strapi


Create the layout in Teleport: Use our drag-and-drop editor to design and structure your website and add placeholders


Configure your Strapi account: Create content models in Strapi and put together the headless database for your project


Set up the connection: Integrate your project with Strapi through API and seamlessly transfer all data to be used in Teleport


Connect data to elements on the page: Set up dynamic pages by linking the data from Strapi to various elements such as text, images and more


Share your project with the world: Deploy your headless project to a domain that you own directly from the platform

Illustration on how to use CMS Integration

Creating the TeleportHQ blog using headless CMS

Before expecting our customers to adopt our technologies, we think setting an example yourself is very important. Explore the smooth migration of our entire blog, transitioning from a conventional CMS to a superior and more adaptable solution by integrating a headless CMS with TeleportHQ.Read more
Image of a use case for the blog

Dynamic website development with TeleportHQ and Strapi

TeleportHQ seamlessly integrates with Strapi, empowering you to create dynamic website designs for headless CMS projects. Utilize an intuitive drag-and-drop editor specifically crafted to empower development teams in building compelling frontends.
Dynamic elements benfit image

Dynamic elements

TeleportHQ gives you the power to pull data from Strapi, allowing you to generate dynamic web pages that automatically reflect any changes made within the Strapi CMS platform.
Headless power benfit image

Headless power

Through this integration, users can leverage the advantages of a headless CMS, granting them the flexibility to distribute content across multiple channels and manage it through a user-friendly interface.
Easy to use editor benfit image

Easy to use editor

Our platform employs a drag-and-drop editor, making it user-friendly even for those without coding skills. This allows you to swiftly and efficiently edit the frontend of your headless CMS project.
Powerful customization benfit image

Powerful customization

TeleportHQ and Strapi allow you to develop highly customizable dynamic websites tailored to your specific needs using content models, templates, and reusable components.
Easy scaling benfit image

Easy scaling

With this integration, scaling any project becomes simple as all content is managed within Strapi. Additionally, it removes the need for development every time new content is added.
Quick pubishing benfit image

Quick publishing

With TeleportHQ, you can effortlessly configure your custom domain and publish your project directly within our environment. It serves as the central hub where your entire website effortlessly comes together.
Why TeleportHQ + STRAPI

The easiest way create dynamic websites with Headless CMS

The TeleportHQ and Strapi partnership offers a robust solution when it comes to building dynamic websites without the need for coding. TeleportHQ empowers you to effortlessly design and deploy visually appealing websites, while Strapi enables seamless content management, decoupled from your front-end framework, facilitating dynamic website design.
Headless CMS Integratsions overview image
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