TeleportHQ + Flotiq: Visual Editor with Headless CMS Integration

Integrate TeleportHQ with Flotiq, a modern API-first content management system and build a website development workflow that can help you save time and scale production. Create stunning websites with drag and drop using data from Flotiq.

What IS teleporthq

Visual website builder with CMS Integration capabilties

TeleportHQ is a low-code website builder with drag and drop capabilities that simplifies the way in which you create and publish websites, even without coding skills.

With TeleportHQ, you can easily build your layout, create reusable components and set up style tokens to make your work easier.
Image of TeleportHQ visual editor
Image of Flotiq CMS platform
What is FLOTIQ

An API-first headless CMS for fast and painless content delivery

Flotiq is a modern headless CMS designed to work with any technology, framework and language with amazing features like custom workflows, content versioning, forms and more.

Flotiq can help developers and marketers create better workflows to create projects in harmony.
How to

Build complex websites with TeleportHQ and Flotiq Integration


Build with Teleport: Use our drag-and-drop editor to create and style the frontend of your project effortlessly


Configure Flotiq CMS: Set up content models and move all your data to the headless CMS platform


Set up integration: Connect your project to Flotiq via API, seamlessly importing all data into TeleportHQ


Mapping CMS data: Create dynamic web pages by mapping data from Flotiq to various elements such as text, images and more


Deploy the project: Easily publish your headless project to a custom domain directly from the TeleportHQ platform

Image showing how to use teleportHQ and FLotiq

Migrating the TeleportHQ blog to a headless integration

Before encouraging others to adopt our platform, we consistently implement them ourselves. Explore our journey of migrating the entire blog from a traditional CMS to a more secure and flexible solution, integrating a headless CMS platform with TeleportHQ.Read more
Image of a use case for Headless CMS Integrations

Headless development with the TeleportHQ and Flotiq Integration

With the TeleportHQ - Flotiq integration you open the way to a better workflow when it comes to developing complex websites. This workflow empowers both your developers and your non-technical teams, saving you time and setting you up for the future.
Image of dynamic content benefit

Dynamic content

TeleportHQ can automatically pull data from Flotiq. This makes it easier to add new content or update existing content without having to go back into development.
Image of headless advantages benefit

Headless advantages

This integration provides all the benefits of a headless CMS, allowing content delivery to diverse channels and seamless management through a user-friendly interface
Image of easy visual editing benefit

Easy visual editing

TeleportHQ is a drag and drop website builder which simplifies the editing process for your headless CMS project, ensuring quick and efficient frontend edits without the need for coding skills.
Image of Deep customization benefit

Deep customization

TeleportHQ with Flotiq makes it easy to build highly personalized websites. Create content models in the CMS, set up styling tokens and reusable components to meet specific needs.
Image of Scaling website developnent benefit

Scaling website development

Setting up this integration streamlines project scaling by centralizing content management in Flotiq. This eliminates the need for further development when new content is required.
Image of instant publishing benefit

Instant publishing

TeleportHQ makes it easy to configure your custom domain and project publishing within our environment, serving as the unified space where your entire project takes shape.
Why TeleportHQ + FLOTIQ

The Best Way for Headless Website Development

TeleportHQ and Flotiq is a powerful blend of technologies that enables you to create dynamic websites effortlessly, in a low code environment. Design and publish visually stunning websites with TeleportHQ, while Flotiq empowers independent content management, decoupled from your front-end framework.
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