TeleportHQ + Caisy: Build Websites with a Headless CMS Visual Editor

Integrate TeleportHQ with Caisy, the next-gen headless CMS and discover the best way to create and manage complex websites in a low code environment. Combine the benefits of drag and drop editing with the speed and convenience of headless CMS solutions.

What IS teleporthq

Headless CMS visual editor with publishing capabilities

TeleportHQ makes website building accessible to everyone, even if you're not familiar with coding.

Thanks to our drag and drop headless website builder, you can effortlessly design your layout without writing a line of code, allowing you to create and publish visually stunning websites.
Image of TeleportHQ platform
Image of Caisy CMS platform
What is CAISY

A headless CMS solution for developers, agencies, editors and marketers

Caisy is a next-generation headless CMS that makes it easy to create and manage content for any device.

Caisy is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, that need to create and manage content for multiple websites or apps.
How to USE

Create a dynamic website with TeleportHQ and Caisy


Develop the frontend using Teleport: Design and customize your web pages effortlessly with our intuitive drag and drop editor


Configure your Caisy account: Establish content models and add data in Caisy to construct your headless database


Set up the connection: Integrate your project with Caisy through API and seamlessly import all your data to the platform


Map data to elements on the page: Craft dynamic pages by mapping data stored in Caisy to elements such as text, images and more


Publish your project directly from Teleport: Deploy your project from the editor on a custom domain in just a few steps

Image of Caisy integration in use

Re-creating the blog with a headless website builder

Before recommending our own technologies, we believe in firsthand experience. Discover how we successfully transitioned our entire blog from a traditional platform to a more dynamic and flexible solution using a modern headless CMS and the TeleportHQ headless CMS visual editor.Read more
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Headless Website Creation with TeleportHQ and Caisy CMS

TeleportHQ effortlessly integrates with various headless CMS options, including Casiy, offering you the flexibility to import data and create dynamic websites without the need for coding.
Image of dynamic content benefit

Dynamic content

TeleportHQ has the power to automatically pull data from Caisy directly into the visual editor, and design dynamic websites that update seamlessly whenever updates are made within CMS.
Image of headless power benefit

Headless power

Experience the advantages of a headless CMS, including the flexibility to deliver content across various channels and manage it effortlessly with a user-friendly interface.
Image of easy editing benefit

Effortless editing

The drag-and-drop visual editor ensures simplicity, even for those without any coding skills. This feature also empowers marketing or product teams to easily modify the frontend if needed.
Image of customization benefit

Robust customization

TeleportHQ with Caisy lets you build highly customizable websites tailored to your specific needs. Content models, templates, and reusable components serve as powerful tools for building websites
Image of project scaling benefit

Simplified project scaling

Integration with Casiy simplifies project scaling by centralizing content management and eliminating the need for additional development each time new content is added.
Image of swift publishing benefit

Swift publishing

TeleportHQ allows you to seamlessly configure your custom domain and publish your project without leaving our environment. It acts as the central hub where editing, data and hosting converge
Why TeleportHQ + CAISY

A powerful integration to empower your team

The TeleportHQ + Caisy integration offers a top, online solution for headless CMS website building. TeleportHQ provides a powerful headless CMS  page builder and publishing, while Casiy enables straightforward content management independently of your front-end framework. Easy development with no software installation required.
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