Information about our investors and our funding plan.

TeleportHQ is co-financed through the European Fund for Regional Development, based on the financing contract no. 100/16.08.2017. The project is part of the The Operational Competitiveness Program 2014-2010, priority axe 2 – Information Technology and Communication (TIC) for competitive digital economy, Action 2.2.1 – Support for adding value to the TIC sector and innovation through the creation of clusters.

General objective

The general purpose is to facilitate the movement from outsourcing to innovation based development, considering that all economic and social activities include elements of TIC. Moving towards innovation based software development contributes to competitiveness growth, improved life quality and mobilizes potential.

Project title

Development of TeleportHQ, a prototyping, visual design tool and code generator, with applicability in creative industries, health and TIC, with the purpose of vertical integration of TIC solutions.


The project started in 16th August 2017, is implemented in Cluj-Napoca, on a 24 month timeline. The end result of the project will be an innovative product that will be delivered by the end of the contractual period

Partners & Total value

The project is based on a partnership between Evo Forge and Corebuild, two local companies, both members of the iTech Transilvania Cluster, by Aries Transilvania. The total value of the UE funding is 4.524.459.54 lei, from which 3.775.049.14 lei is nonrefundable.

Specific objectives

The more specific objective is to allow non-technical users (Business Analyst, Designers) to create the visual design of an application, through drag and drop functionalities and generate fully functional code for the web or mobile user interface of the software solution.

Other specific objectives involve:

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• increasing the awareness of the TIC product and stimulating the interest of the potential beneficiaries during the implementation of the project

• the development and marketing of an innovative TIC project, with diverse applicability in all economic sectors

• enhanced interaction with member organizations within the cluster and other stakeholders to optimize product collaboration and integration into the market throughout the project

• strengthen the industrial research capacity of partner companies and and scale-up the dissemination of results by the end of the project

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