AI Website Builder and UI Generator with ChatGPT Integration

Discover a revolutionary new way of building websites and UI elements using the power of AI. Use our free AI website generator to create pages and components starting from just a ChatGPT prompt.

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How to generate your website in minutes with AI Builder

In TeleportHQ you’ll find an AI Website design generator that automatically creates a website with responsive layout, from a single ChatGPT prompt. Within seconds, the AI builder will generate all the necessary sections. You can then make edits in TeleportHQ’s visual editor, or export the code to use in your own project.


Write a short description in the ChatGPT prompt


Wait for the sections to be generated


Choose a color theme for the page


Make edits in the proposed layout and design


Preview and publish or export the AI generated code
How to use the AI website generator
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Enhanced text editing with AI-powered assistance from ChatGPT

Chat GPT and AI are emerging technologies that are transforming the way websites are created. Another way in which we leverage AI in the editor is by allowing you to edit text elements using AI prompts and prebuilt editing options.

Artificial intelligence in web development

Go from a simple description to a fully functional website in minutes, and make AI do the work for you.
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AI-generated websites

Using AI to create websites offers speed and flexibility to any new design project. Build an AI generated website in real-time by writing a detailed prompt for the content you want to center the site on.

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Prototyping using AI

Quickly transition from a simple idea to a fully functional prototype using AI for web development, which lets you go from an idea to a fully functioning prototype in minutes rather than hours.
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Optimization and performance

Build a fully responsive and optimized web page with the help of our free website builder. The template used by the ai site generator is fully responsive and optimized for performance and high speed scores.

From an idea to an editable website in minutes

Turn a few lines of text into a fully responsive website using AI. Make the necessary edits, add your own images and assets, create reusable components and start building your website with the help of AI.
From idea to AI website

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Join TeleportHQ and use the power of AI to generate your next project. Return to the top of the page and add a description in the prompt, or create an account and start from there.
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