AI Website Builder and UI Generator with ChatGPT or Vision API

Discover two new revolutionary ways of building websites and UI elements using the power of AI. Use our free AI website generator to create pages and components with ChatGPT prompts, or Vision API to create layouts based on hand-drawn wireframes.

How to generate your website in minutes with AI Builder

In TeleportHQ you’ll find the AI Website design generator that automatically creates a website with responsive layout from a single prompt that you give to chat GPT. Within seconds, the AI builder will generate all the necessary sections. You can then make edits in TeleportHQ’s visual editor, or export the code to use in your own project.


Write a short description in the ChatGPT prompt


Wait for the sections to be generated


Make edits in the proposed layout and design


Preview and publish or export the AI generated code
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How to use the AI website generator
Ai powered websites brainstorming

Artificial intelligence website creator to build faster

Chat GPT and AI are emerging technologies that are transforming the way websites are created. With the power of an AI code generator like Chat GPT, developers can create websites and website elements with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and complexity.

Artificial intelligence in web development

Go from a simple wireframe drawing to a fully functional prototype in minutes using AI.
Ai powered websites generator

AI-generated websites

Build a website prototype in real-time or by scanning a piece of paper containing your sketch. Using AI to create websites offers speed and flexibility to any new design project.
Ai powered websites  applications

AI in web applications

Vision API takes advantage of AI in web development and allows you to create digital screens from simple hand-written sketches. Artificial intelligence in web development is now available to anyone.
Ai powered websites prototype

Prototype using AI

Quickly transition from a simple idea to a fully functional prototype using AI for web development, which lets you go from an idea to a fully functioning prototype in minutes rather than hours.

From sketches to an editable wireframe in minutes

Convert hand-drawn images into wireframes and create websites or UI components using AI. Our Vision API scans your hand-drawn sketches in real-time and outputs a fully working digital-designed wireframe.
Ai powered websites sketches

How to go from a hand-drawn wireframe
to a functioning prototype:

Using AI to create websites or web app prototypes is a straightforward process. Here are a few guidelines to ensure you get the best result out of our AI builder.
See the guidelinesimage

Start by using a clear surface for your wireframe

In order to get the best possible output for your wireframe, you should only use a white, blank surface, such as a piece of paper or a whiteboard.

Keep your wireframe drawing clean and consistent

Make sure you leave enough space between your design elements and stay consistent with your drawing pattern across the whole project.
Ai powered websites steps 3 and 4

Frame your sketch to match your workspace

Use your paper or whiteboard space accordingly and frame your sketch as best you can.

Use the predefined elements and established conventions

Follow the guidelines on how to represent each element in your projects, and our AI engine will do the rest.
See the guidelinesimage

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