The Playground is here!

Dec 5, 2019 3 min read
The Playground is here!

The wait is over. Today, we are happy to announce the beta release of our low-code/no-code platform for modern front-end development. This is the result of over 2 years of R&D and product development inside the TeleportHQ team.

Our mission is to augment the design and development experience for user interfaces, by making it fast, fun, and accessible while ensuring the best results for the end users.

The Playground is the cornerstone of our ecosystem and the place where we bring together, piece by piece, all the technologies born from our R&D in order to make this mission possible.

Visual Development

Playground first animation

When working in the Playground, you will have a development-first approach, but without the need to write code. Visual development is just a layer of abstraction for:

  • Allowing developers to build user interfaces faster, in a fun and interactive way.
  • Empowering everyone to create and maintain apps without learning to code.

In this beta version, you get the first glimpse of the end-to-end experience people can have when working on the user interfaces of tomorrow.

Modern approach for building user interfaces

Playground responsive animation

Because we’re starting from the development space, layout constraints are based around common front-end patterns: block, flex, grid, etc.

You can choose to develop each page independently, or you can work with reusable components. In this way you get a more maintainable and scalable project and your architecture resembles with that of a modern coded project.

Then as you develop your pages, you can check the result both as a rendered web page and as generated code in multiple output targets.

Low-Code and No-Code integrations

Playground integrations animation

Arguably one of the most powerful features of the platform is its ability to generate clean code and production ready projects. At any point during the development of your project, you can eject your work in multiple ways:

  • Export it and continue working in CodeSandbox
  • Push the codebase to GitHub
  • Download the codebase as a zip file

Furthermore, if you want to build and maintain a website in the Playground, without writing a single line of code, you have the option to publish it online in no time.

Some of the features of the Playground are still experimental or actively worked on, but we felt it was important to start collecting feedback from users before moving further. Take a tour of the application after signing up to discover all the capabilities.

Heading into 2020

As we cross into the new year, we will work on integrating both the user feedback as well as the many experiments developed inside our R&D department. We expect to see the integration of the wireframe detection and wireframe-to-code features in Q1 2020. Each new major release will be announced with a short blog post explaining which of these features were added.

We’re excited to finally share our work with you and see how this will help you bring your ideas to life. We’re also curious to hear your thoughts on the current and future state of UI development, what are the biggest challenges you face and how would you tackle them.

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