We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve just closed our first investment round!

We’re extending a warm welcome to our new investors One Capital in our mission to become the next generation low-code collaboration platform for front-end development.

One Capital, a Tokyo-based venture capital firm, focuses its investments in B2B SaaS platforms which are building the Future of Work.

We immediately clicked and feel lucky to have the support of such visionary partners. Their experience will guide us on our way to becoming an important player in the fast-paced low-code industry.

A front-end platform that works with any workflow

Building a visual collaboration platform like TeleportHQ is no small feat. We started our journey a few years ago – yet it feels like yesterday. What seemed like an impossible dream back then has become an obvious choice for many teams now.

We’ve spent countless hours building out the foundation for what we believe is the future of collaborative front-end development. We want to thank our growing community of more than 70.000 users for the trust, patience, and tremendously useful feedback. We couldn’t have done it without you!

This funding round will help us focus on our next major milestones:

Custom Code capabilities

The initial iterations of our product were focused on making the visual editing experience a breeze. Now we'll make our platform even more capable by adding support for editing and deploying custom code directly in the browser.

Solution Templates

We're working on ready-to-deploy solution templates. They will enable our users to integrate their TeleportHQ projects with any headless CMS or e-commerce platforms in just a few minutes.

Shared Libraries

TeleportHQ enables the creation of reusable design systems, components, sections, and pages libraries. These libraries can be shared across projects and will allow teams to further automate the production of user interfaces.


Many of the teams that have adopted our platform have custom workflows which require off-platform work. This is why we’re currently working on a plugin mechanism which will enable them to extend our platform to meet their needs.

Code Generators

One of the things we’re the most proud of is our open-source code-generators. We believe that their extensibility and the quality of the code they generate are unique traits which make our product remarkable. We’re also very humbled by the work of development teams who have extended our code-generators to build products of their own.

Our code-generators are at the very core of our ecosystem. This is why we're continually adding, optimizing, and polishing features behind the scenes. If you are a developer and are interested, you can take a look at the source code here.

A few final thoughts

While raising this seed investment has been an intense and amazing experience, it also has been an opportunity to reflect on the past years - our initial vision, the exploratory research, and the decisions both good and bad that we’ve made along the way.

But what stands out the most in this retrospective is the unbelievable creativity, craftsmanship and dedication of the team members which have built and are building TeleportHQ today. I am amazed by their commitment and hard work and would like to express my immense gratitude. Without them, nothing would be possible. They are the heartbeat of this adventure.

I also would like to thank all our former colleagues and friends from Evozon and especially its CEO, my partner Gabi Cretu. Evozon is the company which gave birth to TeleportHQ and nurtured the project until it was able to spread its wings and become a full-fledged company. Thank you for your unconditional support!

Last but not least, we would like to thank SLV and especially KPMG Legal and KPMG Tax Romania who provided us with invaluable legal counsel during this initial investment round.

Finally, a few words from our Investor:

"We are extremely excited that we are partnering with the TeleportHQ team to bring the next-gen frontend as a service to the world.

No-code/Low-code design tools like Figma have proved that the market for these tools is enormous, and TeleportHQ takes this concept of no-code/low-code design tools to the next level.

With its real-time design-to-code conversion capability, TeleportHQ significantly shrinks the time it takes for frontend engineers to build a landing page for a website. In our internal use case, TeleportHQ helped us design a landing page and publish it in 1/5th the time, compared to when we built it previously using other design prototyping tools.

We are honored that the TeleportHQ team chose us as their partner and excited for the company's future ahead. "

One Capital, Inc.
CEO Shinji Asada

Want to join our adventure?

Check out our Careers page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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