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Over the years, designing, building, and maintaining digital user interfaces has become an increasingly complex process. From an era in which a blue underlined hyperlink was the summum of human-digital interaction, we reached to a point where a good user interface must be multi-channel, multi-platform, localized, SEO-friendly, accessible, usable, scalable, maintainable, and obviously, fast… A long list of requirements for which, in order to remain competitive, companies have consented to invest more and more resources to maintain and strengthen the communication with their customers.

If we break it down, we find that the process of building a user interface requires the collaboration between 5 major actors: the business owner, the designer, the content provider, the marketeer, and the developer. According to our own experience and the interviews we’ve lead, to the communication challenge that these mutliple interactions can create, adds the fact that each of these actors uses its own tools and technologies, and that, regularly, new channels must be covered and new constraints are added to the list of previous requirements.

Therefore, at teleportHQ, we chose as a mission to build a solution which could help the teams involved in the production of user interfaces to handle the increasing complexity of their endeavor.

Our response to this challenge came back under the form of a platform, built on top of a suite of open-source libraries and description files. Its design is based upon our belief that the future of user interface description should be:

- codeless and platform independent
- stored in standard, humanly readable, and static format
- transformable in any coding language or functional instance
- augmented with artificial intelligence

We're convinced that the future of application development belongs to the tools that will succeed to create a "mental exo-skeleton" for creatives, developers and entrepreneurs. In this future, humans will be able to spend more time and energy to develop their ideas, while the implementation details will be executed by smart automated processes and artificial intelligence.

This is why, at teleportHQ, we started to think about - and to build - the first blocks of technology for the augmented entrepreneurs to come.